my best friend a real princess thru and thru and he has the tiara to boot
by me October 1, 2003
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N. Adv. Adj. A girl that is truly just a homie and a straight up G.
by princesss1234568 June 6, 2019
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she's beautiful, and gorgeous
nd evry guy wants to be wit her
shes hot, but she thinks she's normal.
But when really she is above normal; she's an angel.
wow man that chick is soo hot!! She must be a PRINCESS.
by davexOwnz123 March 7, 2009
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1. generally the royal daughter of a king/queen/etc
2. a handy term for certain distasted closet cases, more useful if their last name is something along the line of "king"
"did michael trip you?"
"yes, but I've got something in store for The Princess later.."
*malicious grin*
by =^..^= December 5, 2004
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Princess is goofy she is unique she is just wonderful she loves attention but never ask for it if she doesn't get it than she'll get it someway without you even knowing she did it your lover boys love her for some reason it's something about her that make her so loveable girls are a little jealous of her maturity not in the way she acts but her maturity mentally she's really shy and keeps her distance from people that act like her she has a temper she bipolar she's mentally ill she's just out this world but you'll have to push her to get to her breaking point and when you do it's over for you she's fighting and not stopping until she's half way in alternative school jail or dead she knows when someone is not on the same page with her no more she knows how you feel after something happens she knows when your jealous dislikes her or feel some way and won't even throw hints that she knows you'll never know that she knew shes an really insicure individual but others thinks she's beautiful she can do anything she put her mind to she is multi-talented and will hurt u in ways u could never imagine but other than that she's a sweet heart and will always be Thier for people she loves truly
Princess...Everyone loves her

Princess...Is so different

Princess...Is a amazing person to be around

Princess...Is just princess
by Ashanti Wilson March 14, 2017
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Cute, classy, smart, spoiled, beautiful, wanted, selfish, clean, smart-mouth

A girl with great character who considers herself a princess by all the natural riches she is given in life by those around her.

Not necessarily a rich girl.

Usually a girl who is called a princess by her boyfriend and parents.
Sometimes lucky enough to be called a princess by her friends as well if they consider her princessy.

Doesn't always ask for much, but would like it all.

"If she were mine I would make her my princess...."

Hey princess how are you today?

by Janet Piere July 21, 2008
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Similar to a crack whore, only with a sunnier disposition.
(Coke only please, boys!)
1) Jess is such a princess!

2) Anyone know where I can get me a good princess for the night?

3) Fuck off, im no cheap a princess!
by dan258 January 12, 2005
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