some1 than each day u wake up knowing u get to see her smiling face.Some 1 that would take a takes a lifetime to 4get about.The only person who can make u smile a certain way...*Some1 thats ur shooting star, everything u'd eva wished for Is everythin that she iz*.some1 thats like a plastic rose...beauty neva dies and something ull love 4eva.The first time u saw her, u knew it was true~That u'd love her 4ever and thats what ullll do~she doesn't know what she does to u~she doesn't have a clue~she doesnt know what itz like to be u lookin at her. some1 that ull neva give up on.some 1 that wen everytime u hear her voice u fall in love all over again.some1 that a definition and fully explain.
by LaTiNo+HeAt April 27, 2004
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1)Someone who enjoys the company of apes
3)A sissy and sensitive person
Bystander: Haha, what a princess
by HughJass87 January 09, 2008
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Similar to a crack whore, only with a sunnier disposition.
(Coke only please, boys!)
1) Jess is such a princess!

2) Anyone know where I can get me a good princess for the night?

3) Fuck off, im no cheap slag...im a princess!
by dan258 January 12, 2005
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A princess is a girl who wants it all and will get it all either threw her own means or her mans means. She loves people more then herself and helping people is her passion but make NO MISTAKE she will always be a spoiled biatch and she loves herself for it.
"Hey princess!!!! I just opened this buisness!! You wanna go out sometime?!"
"Actually I don't like your kind but since you like looked at me Stuff I'm in love sooooo here's the thing. I'm going to be needing all these things. You know as reparation for you trying to use the buisness man line on me..

Keep being you. But seriously that ego has got to go.

(also I would love one of those old fashioned houses in crown point Indiana on the square, FOR STARTERS- and a pink keurig that's bedazzled.. Aww they don't make those?! MAKE IT YOURSELF!!!)
by FrancoisBenicia18473 August 27, 2016
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Princess is goofy she is unique she is just wonderful she loves attention but never ask for it if she doesn't get it than she'll get it someway without you even knowing she did it your lover boys love her for some reason it's something about her that make her so loveable girls are a little jealous of her maturity not in the way she acts but her maturity mentally she's really shy and keeps her distance from people that act like her she has a temper she bipolar she's mentally ill she's just out this world but you'll have to push her to get to her breaking point and when you do it's over for you she's fighting and not stopping until she's half way in alternative school jail or dead she knows when someone is not on the same page with her no more she knows how you feel after something happens she knows when your jealous dislikes her or feel some way and won't even throw hints that she knows you'll never know that she knew shes an really insicure individual but others thinks she's beautiful she can do anything she put her mind to she is multi-talented and will hurt u in ways u could never imagine but other than that she's a sweet heart and will always be Thier for people she loves truly
Princess...Everyone loves her

Princess...Is so different

Princess...Is a amazing person to be around

Princess...Is just princess
by Ashanti Wilson March 14, 2017
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A true Princess is loved by all and should be presented with her own wand and crown to actually reach Princess status (which some princesses in training do not have). She knows that it is all about her and that there are others always out there trying to take her title. Although it is not a requirement she probably is MOUS Certified and knows never to use columns in a document but doesn’t judge those that do. She is kind enough to hang with the lonely and not judge them for not having dates on weekend nights. She is definitely always willing to eat serious nachos and greasy french fries at 3 am .
Princess Fara did not judge Carmen (princess in training ) for her section breaks in her document.

Fara the Princess spent her last night in New Orleans hanging out with little Carmen because she was dateless.
by Princess February 26, 2004
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