Having high resistance to flow. In other terms, the more dense the thicker the consistency. Is meant to be applied to asses of substantial dimensions.
Damn baby, you viscous!
Kim Kardashian's sweet ass has the viscosity of a generous dose of corn syrup unlike Paris Hilton's ass that is just like a teaspoon of water.
by Reagan 05 May 25, 2008
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1: thick, deep, slow moving liquid.

2: cool, calm, chill

3: Awesome, dope, fetch. cool, rad
1: Molasses is quite viscous, water is not.

2: Dude, you were so viscous in there; they totally didn't see I jacked those shoes.

3: Man, that was so viscous!
by yeaboi69 May 29, 2012
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Viscous is a short term used to define the overall thiccness of a females body.
That bitch Steffy she's so fuckin viscous
by ( ͡°Ɛ ͡°) May 3, 2019
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(Visc-wuss) It is a different pronunciation of the word vicious, when something is particularly vicious you say (visc-wuss) to emphasize it
We lost the final in the 93rd when he took a viscous strike on his left foot and scored
by iKielo1 February 3, 2009
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A term given to us by Professor MTR to describe the warm, supple, sticky, sometimes even tight punani of a woman
Pookie and Ray Ray destroyed the hoodboogers viscous innards
by mulchintime February 1, 2023
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A Fecal turd with high levels of viscosity. A turd that is physically maintained within the occurrence of Diarrhea or a loose bowel movement. Liquid, wet poop.
Fuck him man! Don't let him disrespect you like that! You better leave some viscous biscuits in his fucking pillow case tonight!
by Sorry Sans August 24, 2010
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