The magic wand that can make a man dissappear
Pregnant Girl:James, I took a pregnancy test and it says I'm pregnant.

James:I'm leaving you
by sammydagreat November 11, 2010
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The black pregnancy test: Put a piece of chicken inside the female's vagina and wait 30 seconds. If there is a bite, there is a little nigga inside.
Hey Tyrone, have you done the black pregnancy test yet?
Tyrone: No.
by Raging Nonce/Slag/Sket/T January 28, 2018
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Michael: Dude, don't play with me. Are you sure my girl is cheating on me?

Dave: I'm sorry man, but I'm pregnancy test sure.
by oldtobylongbottomleaf June 2, 2011
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I dont know what to say, Its doom on a pregnancy test, In 2021, some dude named "Beyazıt Kartal" Decided to make doom playable on a pregnancy test, Thats all.
Male 1: Hey did you hear of the dude who made doom on a pregnancy test?
Male 2: This is how hard quarantine can effect someone huh?
Male 1: ..What do you mean?
by France Is Terrible July 11, 2023
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