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Preece is a unique surname which traditionally refers to the tamer of unicorns. Preece’s usually come across strange when you first encounter them however are an attractive and intelligent breed of people with an excellent scene of smell. Preece’s are notorious due to their natural talent for defeating their enemies at staring contests; it is no surprise then that they will often settle their disputes this way.
It is a sad fact that Preece’s are becoming increasingly rare. The women being incredibly beautiful are married off and hence loose their surname. However a large percentage of the Preece population will remain celibate so that they can remain pure enough to for fill what some would consider their true calling of working with unicorns.
Child: Dad! Look at that unicorn, someone is riding it.
Dad: Ahh yes son. That'd be a Preece
by Gashmaster2001 April 25, 2014
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hugely obese, and likely to completely flatten anything in it's path
Person: Whoa! that Preece is coming towards us - RUN!!!!!
by combat wombat February 15, 2006
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