Definition 1: When someone dances close to you and you have an orgasm prematurely. The opposite of predict as you were'nt expecting it. Supposedly common when dancing with an English woman.

Definiation 2: When someome gets enhanced using Viagra, weed or something similar, they get pre-dicked meaning they need an enhancement to get excited and can't do it alone. They have a problem in the dick department. The ultimate meaning is the same as predict in that if you control your dick in this manner, you can predict the outcome.
DEFINITION 1: "She danced a little too close to him and he got pre-dicked".

DEFINITION 2: "He panicked as he couldn't find his weed in his car and couldn't get PRE-DICKED for his weekend date so he looked for his Viagra instead. Ahhhh there it is, now I'm enhanced she won't be disappointed" Hmmm!
by The Advanced July 11, 2011
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