A guy who wins at everything silently and is one of the most honest, handsome, multitalented, calm and a great friend u can ever have.
Prashant.... Unlimited....!!!
by Goodpra November 24, 2021
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extremely rich and hench individual, tends to be sly, rich and gets lots of hot girls.
by jikolaka November 23, 2008
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A hot kid who is god and is sucha a pimp. He is so cool and handsome and hot.
Hot Girl: Whoa look at Prashant, hes so hot. I think I will go out with him.
by kjhaldkshfsiodhg;sdgs April 10, 2009
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red hoodie. hoodie says "roots."
shoes. shoes say "response super."
tasty fingers
grey socks
black mask.
by Clavichord 21 February 2, 2022
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To be an 'Prashant' is to be more perfect than perfect. He is the sweetest guy in existence. Honey is humbled in his presence. A hillarious person, with an 'Prashant' not a single moment will be a bore. He has kneen eyes and a cute laugh. Cute becomes synonymous with an 'Prashant'.He is shy at first but once u break his shell, you are in for the ride of your life.An exceptional lover . And the best, best friend you could ever have.Caring and cute . If you find an 'Prashant' you are the luckiest person alive. He will never let you down.
It's that Prashant, wow he looks good .
by Ghostman_007 November 23, 2021
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Prashant is a guy who is all in one package. He is good friend, good son, good brother, good husband, good lover etc. He is cute, sweet, handsome, hot ,cool and he just awsome. He only loves one girl and if he finds that one girl . He never leaves that girl. and he don't allow any other girl to touch him. If has one good policy that if he is touching that girl then she can also touch him otherwise no touchy. He polite, kind, and don't hurt any one.
Mia: who is that guy with you

Vinnie : He is my husband prashant

Mia: He is so polite can I be his sister

Vinnie : yes of course
by MissPramika April 15, 2022
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Prashant is a person who has sex with girls and gets them pregnant, and leaves her when she gives birth so she is alone
Prashant had sex and never came back
by Nova 1 ponpeyin September 14, 2017
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