Beautiful Indian girl who wants everyone to be happy. She is a girl always want to go out .
She likes to travel so much . She doesn't want people with bad attitude
If you loyal to her she will be your great friend till death.
She is a best secret keeper.
She is beautiful girl with fairy skin
She is a girl whom you can't flirt, she is a girl whom you will fall in love
She never play double game with her friends
She is introvert usually but when she find right persons she is a mad friend who always make fun
She is a intelligent person, smart and extremely talented one
She has a natural beauty with beautiful nose and lips and cheeks
She is great partner for you if you are loyal and if you have true love for her
She loves her parents much
She overthinks most of the time

She mostly fall in love with the boy who's name starts with N , A
Ohhh ### she is such a prarthana

I love you
by Ppppppwwepdke February 21, 2023
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An extremely talented one. A hand to write poems, a voice that can melt hearts , a person who you can relay on, those eyes filled with water shine like like pearls . Loves music, fitness and privacy. Introvert from heart but a tree of hope to someone. Funny and wants everyone to be happy. Girly girl by nature.
Oh see she’s such a prarthana
by Vidhi November 23, 2021
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She is a perfect girl one who pray for. She has separate love for person whom she trust more than her. She is a proud daughter for her parents and proud and perfect partner. She is very classy in her style.her dress sense and beauty can make other jealous. She had perfect beauty but she doesn't know about it.she will be a great friend if you made friendship with her.she never leaves you once she trusts you.she loves her food very much,respects her passion more than anything. She will achieve what she has fixed on her mind but it takes time for her beacause she distracts for small thinks and thinks about it every secand and spend the whole day and waste it.she is very much pure by heart.she is very kind and helpful for any kind for person
## we should pray for her

Ohhh she is such a prarthana
Hey' someone is coming there. Who??. She's prarthana ❤️❤️😍. Ohh
by Ppppppwwepdke February 23, 2023
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She can be both sunshine and rain.
And she can be capable of both peace and war.
She is a timeless beauty with refined elegance.
The girl who is triumphed and failed .
She fights for those who cannot fight for themselves.
There is quite confidence that screams loudly within her soul .
She is humble but strong.
Created by a powerful KING.
For she knows her purpose and who she serves .
She falls in love for a boy who have almost all qualities of a real hero.
####oh she is such a PRARTHANA
by Ppppppwwepdke September 5, 2023
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She need no fancy clothes to make her look sexy. She needs no man on her side to make her look sturdy. She need to tell no lies.her honesty is her beauty. She is smart in her head,and courageous in the heart,confidence in herself, and compassionate in her thoughts , independent and able .strong and graceful.

@Ohh gosh she is such a prarthana

## please give your grace prathana baby..
by Ppppppwwepdke September 5, 2023
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The most outgoing and a fun to know type of girl. She likes to party. She can bring two people love eachother. She is a secret keeper you can rely on her. The smartest and the funniest girl. Has a great sense of humor. Loves to annoy people. And gets annoyed easily. A hand of writing poems. A happy person.
We should do prarthana all the time. Pray to god.
by Susi ceson February 18, 2014
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