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One of the most loyal people you will meet, she's amazing inside and out to others, goofy and does the most awkward funny things when people aren't looking, loves to joke around and has a nice figure and is pretty and she will curve every fucking boy she sees, and is extremely smart ..
Wowwwwww is that prakriti?
by Readtime November 04, 2016
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Prakriti. Praa-Kruh-Tee


a). Is the Sanskrit word for 'Nature'. Is the fiance of Harsh.

Is amazingly pretty. Can be as cute as one can imagine but can also turn onto you like a machine gun if you poke her.

Loyal, honest and adoroble. Her beauty gives her boyfriend numerous reasons to feel insecure.

b). Just 0001 left in the world. Lucky Harsh

If you ever find this only treasure. Give it back to Harsh. She'll give you his number!
Wow! She's such a Prakriti!
by Shakeel. April 24, 2011
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Can seem rrly rude but once ya know them they’re rrly sweet and nice and funny but also a crazy bitch she’s hot as hell but doesn’t think so and friendzones everyone and complains about being single
Damn she’s something... must be a Prakriti
by Fortnitememes September 15, 2018
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Prakriti is the prettiest girl .she is lovely charming and she is gorgeous . Anyone can fall for her . Her eyes is the priceless gem which can hypnotise anyone . If u meet any prakriti don't let her go . She is the second name of angel .
She loves to joke around . Smart and funny , one of the most loyal person . She can outshine anyone with her smile , is white like snow .

Her boyfriend is always scared for losing her and her beauty and hotness makes her boyfriend to feel insecure .
She is smart and can deal with every situation .
Someone asked which is the prettiest thing in earth , "prakriti " god himself answered.

Prakriti is second name of nature and beauty.
by Sunjal June 04, 2019
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a girl obsessed with someone she doesnt even noe that well. her obssession is dangerous and dumb.
god prakriti stop stalking me!!!
by ks.s March 11, 2008
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