Term embraced by those who are HIV positive, particularly common in the gay community.
Jim is poz and will only meet up with other poz guys for fun.
by Kyle December 11, 2003
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It's an Armenian curse word that means slut or hoe.You can say it to anyone anywhere and nobody will know that you called them a slut .
- you're such a Poz
-lol wtf is that
- it means that you're an amazing person
by Assclaped March 20, 2019
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In non-homosense: the coolness that is; the best ever; the rah digga
"Damn those strippers at the Hustler Club are so poz I wish I could touch them", stated Simon.
by Tigger January 18, 2005
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When there is no beef between rappers or has just stopped; Peace;
Like DJ Kay Slay say "Let's Keep it on wax". But I say, let's keep it POZ, so HIP HOP can continue to grow
by Big BranMan December 7, 2003
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Abbreviation for butkis/bednarik winning all american Penn State linebacker Paul Posluszny
Poz was the best linebacker in college football last year not AJ Hawk
by kirk vassallo March 19, 2006
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Poz is a word I made up. But of course, it needs to have a meaning, so...

Poz(verb)- to make up some bullshit
Poz(noun)-bullshit itself
Poz(adjective)-same as noun

poz is pronounced as:
p-pronounced like the p in "pronounced"
o-pronounced like the o in "orange"
z-pronounced like z in "bzz"
example: stop pozzing man everyone knows the earth ain't circular, its shaped like a donut

example-what is this poz I just read saying that I was robbed? That's illegal, no way it's true

example-This poz accounts are so fucking fake I swear a your mom being slim is more true
by the_real_inventor_of_poz September 7, 2022
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Another word for a cool doodle

westie dog
Hey look there’s poz
by Eldoodzop April 3, 2019
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