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A rich and poor suburban town of San Diego. I.E. Upper Windmill Poway (rich) and Lower Windmill Poway (poor). Formally known as the "City In The Country". Also known for the hottest bitchest girls around, milfs, and professional athletes. Topping it off with nearly nothing to do except; see movies or do something illegal. Come stare at huge houses with huge price tags come to Poway
Sometimes referred to as P-Town.
by shultz August 21, 2004
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A town that's a suburban paradise located just outside of beautiful San Diego, California. With a population of around 48 thousand. The town's nickname is "The City in the country". Although it's not really in the country anymore. The town boasts beautiful parks and other great recreational areas, such as Lake Poway, and Blue Sky Reserve. The town has a great sense of "community" with lots of great community events. The southern part of the town is where your average middle class citizens live along with the low incomed people. The north part of the town is where rich people like CEO's and Major League Baseball players reside.
It's home to lead singer of Blink 182 Tom Delong. Baseball great Ted Williams grew up around Poway. Thus the name "Ted Williams Parkway".
by CaliAmes June 21, 2005
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A small town outside of San Diego where the richest of the rich and the poorest of the poor live. It's kind of like a whole bunch of rich people came and took over a white trash hick town, which makes for an interesting setting. It's home to poway high school where the only thing the kids have to do for fun is smoke a bowl and go bowling. The cops in poway are lazy bitches who have nothing better to do then sit around and give everyone they see a ticket for going 5 miles over the speed limit. If you want to see a town where the rich and the por actually coexist then poway is the place to be.
Poway High Student:"what do you want to do tonight?"
Me:"Lets go drunk bowling!"
Poway High Student: "ok!"
by I<3keg February 08, 2006
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A city near San Diego known for a lot of money and also Garden Road where the poor ass bitches reside. Known for extreme underage drinkings, sexy pre-pubescient teens, hot moms, a lot of pain killers, and a youth that just doesnt give a fuck Poway is home to about 100,000 proud Moms and Dads and substance abusing children. If ever traveling to poway, watch out for Espola Road where drunk driving is rampant (also heers house). The sports teams are known more for getting fucked up then for winning. Poway high school is satelite school of "OC." With nothing to do, kids avoid the nagging police while popping oxycontin and drinking beer from parking lot to parking lot. Come and enjoy POWAY!
Poway is sick as fuck.
by jose March 07, 2005
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A social experiment conducted during the turbulent Civil Rights era of the 1960s where the government transplanted the entire white population of a small rural Alabama town, rich and poor, to see how they would get along with zero minorities in the mix. The result gradually became a town full of people on antidepressants whose kids take every form of drug known to man to pass the time, and run by Nazi sheriffs who stamp out every instance of fun and excitement with an iron fist. The "city" of Poway is really a modern day Pleasantville, except everyone realizes they are black and white, and as a result, are clinically depressed.
Dude, you wanna go snort some lines, smoke a few bowls and pop a couple bottles of pills with the Poway kids?

For sure! Let's go bowling after.
by Carbomb January 09, 2011
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A total cesspool filled with trashy redneck hicks throwing a fit because their dirt roads were paved decades ago, also there's the middle-class to lower-upper-middle class pompous asses fixated on social status with their disrespectful whiny punk kids whose parents teach them, by way of example, that the absolute most important thing in life is "winning" at everything and playing Keep Up With The Joneses........ and last but not least the phoney "Christians" who glow with holey righteousness, yet who point out how all the minorities, gays, and other "undesirables" are ruining their perfect Utopia.
"Hey Johnny, how about helping your old man put another coat of wax on the Lexus."
"Sure thing pops! We do such a better job than those stupid Mexicans down at the car wash."
"Come to Poway, a lovely suburban Shit Hole."
by ClearPlanetBlueAndGreen August 18, 2013
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a middle sized county near san diego known for gay fucking cops who write traffic tickets 24/7 and roll parties at 8 pm. there are also a tiny amount of black people...which is probably good considering they would be killed by the overwhelming amount of racist nazis (not that im complaining). poway has a high school that fucking dominates wrestling and wins state almost every year and is also over run with mexicans that use a whole bottle of hair gel every morning and smell like cologne that you buy at a swap meet. the asian population is small yet smart and usually occupy themselves at an arcade playing ddr. gay fucking emo fags and vegan bitches try to promote their culture all over poway but are too fucking retarded to get anywhere. in total poway is not too bad of a place despite all the minorites thinking they are hot shit and rich fucks that walk around in abercrombie and get their asses beat in the bathrooms. poway is also home to the dankest bitches in so cal that will put out whenever you want if you buy them enough shit
"hey dude bro..."
"ya dude bro dude...?"
"lets go to poway and watch all the mexicans cross the street by wal-mart!"
"sick bro...then we can go to nickel city and unplug the ddr machine and watch the chinks cry...!!"
"sick idea dude.."
by andy---class of 06 nigga September 08, 2005
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