Created in the year 2010 n: A term used on a person who is unknowingly projecting personal refrences on ongoing sexual intercourse, the term derived from the popular potato chip brand "Lay's" which can be percieved as the word "Layed" meaning (someone who has participated in sexual intercourse)
A: "Why is she so mad"
B: "I don't know but she definatly needs to get "Potato Chipped"!
by xcrozx January 3, 2011
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- a person who's in front of the COMPUTER all day.

another version of the word couch potato (w/c means in front of the TELEVISION all day.)
- Oh you little geek, you've been chatting and browsing the net for 12 hours straight! You're such a potato chip!
by CyberJake June 6, 2006
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Overdramatic line used in the anime "Deathnote" whereas the main character explains to us what he is doing to not get caught. Then for no reason says the like "I'll take a potato chip... AND EAT IT!!!"

This started of a fad where people replace the words round. People added comments onto videos such as "I'll write a reply... AND POST IT!" and "I'll put my mouse over the video... AND REPLAY IT!".
I'll take a potato chip... AND EAT IT!!!
I'll take your mum... AND EAT HER!!!
I'll take a JD... AND DRINK IT!!!
I'll write a nasty comment... AND BE A TROLL!!!
by FatalFart May 17, 2010
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When a couple is having intercourse and the male comes to the climax and sprays his juicy goodness over his partners chest, they let it dry and the male will peel the delicious dried goodness and makes his partner eat it.
-Dude what did you do last night?
--Oh I just hung out with this girl
-Really what did you guys do have sex?
--Well I Potatoe Chipped her now she doesnt wanna see me anymore :/
by PKourChamp December 19, 2010
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