- a person who's in front of the COMPUTER all day.

another version of the word couch potato (w/c means in front of the TELEVISION all day.)
- Oh you little geek, you've been chatting and browsing the net for 12 hours straight! You're such a potato chip!
by CyberJake June 05, 2006
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Overdramatic line used in the anime "Deathnote" whereas the main character explains to us what he is doing to not get caught. Then for no reason says the like "I'll take a potato chip... AND EAT IT!!!"

This started of a fad where people replace the words round. People added comments onto videos such as "I'll write a reply... AND POST IT!" and "I'll put my mouse over the video... AND REPLAY IT!".
I'll take a potato chip... AND EAT IT!!!
I'll take your mum... AND EAT HER!!!
I'll take a JD... AND DRINK IT!!!
I'll write a nasty comment... AND BE A TROLL!!!
by FatalFart May 17, 2010
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Just following sexual intercourse you must proceed to ejaculate on your partners back. Using your fingers to smear the cum out into a thin layer. Allow to dry overnight, and upon waking in the morning force your partner to eat it.
I hear your mom loves my home-made potato chips!
by CellarDoor5656 February 11, 2006
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A cowboy hat. refers to the curviture of the hat which resembles a potato chip.
The dance hall was filled with nothing but hayseeds wearing potato chips.
by knastyknate February 22, 2004
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