A cowboy hat. refers to the curviture of the hat which resembles a potato chip.
The dance hall was filled with nothing but hayseeds wearing potato chips.
by knastyknate February 22, 2004
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Fingering a girl in a moving car, after done putting your hand out the window for drying, then indulging.
while on a road trip to california i was fingering kristy, when i was done i stuck my hand out the window once her juices dried up i peeled it off and ate it, hence the potato chip
by Fred the babykiller June 12, 2008
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A bent bicycle wheel. (Resembles a potato chip.)
Chad hit the dirt, but after he regained conciousness, he realized he turned his $400 wheels into potato chips. He then sat in a corner and cried.
by Sonnybobiche February 24, 2004
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After sex, the wet spot in the middle of the bed, if left will dry and become much like a potato chip!
by Mike August 29, 2003
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Fragile or injury prone. Usually used in describing a talented athlete with a knack for getting hurt at inopportune times. Refers to the brittle nature of the snack food.
Marcus Camby is a good player but he's a potato chip, he hasn't been active for half the games during his career, nursing one injury or another.
by Henry Gomez January 28, 2006
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