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"to demote or devalue someone or something WITH considerable cause."

- from the root word pluto, a name of a former planet, which was demoted and designated as 134340,(dwarf planet) because it didn't meet its definition of a Planet.
An employeed was plutoed from his company, for his wrongdoings.
by CyberJake January 08, 2007

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- a person who's in front of the COMPUTER all day.

another version of the word couch potato (w/c means in front of the TELEVISION all day.)
- Oh you little geek, you've been chatting and browsing the net for 12 hours straight! You're such a potato chip!
by CyberJake June 05, 2006

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Penis on its dormant state. A flaccid schlong.
Don't snuggle too much honey.. it's too early in the morning you might awaken a "sleeping giant".
by CyberJake July 08, 2005

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Joining different online forums or message boards. Logging in from one Online community to another, or being active member to at least 3 online communities.
Forumer 1: Hey, I can see that CJ is online.. and yet he's not answering my private message.

Forumer 2: Don't mind him, he's in multitasking mode.. probably posting in snother message board. He is forum hopping,
by CyberJake November 25, 2006

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from the word forum hop

-- Being active simultaneously to different message boards. Hopping from one online forum to another using alt-tab keys and without logging out.
Sorry i didn't notice your shout, i'm posting in another forum. I'm forum hopping.
by CyberJake December 02, 2006

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A term used to define a 'flaccid penis'.
Don't snuggle too much on me honey, it's too early in the morning, you might awaken a 'sleeping giant'.
by CyberJake July 22, 2005

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The words you say in shoutbox is called shout.
Please don't send me private message. It would be faster if you'll just shout it.
by CyberJake December 02, 2006

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