Something that is of bad quality

Mainly used on the internet to describe pictures, videos or graphics
by You don't know me, honestly October 9, 2017
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When some one says "Dude was this recorded with a potato?" they mean that the quality of the film is shitty.

People often use this term in gaming as-well.
Dude! was this fucking youtube video recorded and rendered with sony potato 14?
Stop having potato quality equipment!

Jesus Christ Dan! Get a better PC You noob! I'll rek You 1V1 IRL M8

Stop playing with your potato pc to get a advantage with war thunders fucked up graphics settings man!
by OrgasmicLarry March 27, 2015
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A form of media that is of mediocre or bad quality in terms of definition.
"why is the picture so potato quality?"
"why is the video so potato quality?"
"your screen makes the video look so potato."
by FGUYRET4LGJ;KLSDH FLJ April 27, 2020
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A group of two or less friends, with a low amount of brain cells.
Two friends laughing at a stupid joke:
Friend 1: Its not even funny ( continues laughing )
Friend 2: We are such a potato quality
by MMMmonkeys January 26, 2020
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Used to describe low quality videos
1:dude did you shot this video with a potato?
2:yeah i agree this video has the worse kind of potato quality
by awaffleduck September 8, 2014
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