A comment that is commonly posted on Youtube about videos that have such poor quality, that they appear all blurry and pixelated much to the displeasure of the viewers.
Man for fucks sake this video of Muse playing at the Olympic closing ceremony that was omitted by NBC blows. I can hardly see or hear shit. Must have been recorded with a potato I guess.
by Terminus_Est August 16, 2012
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When people post videos of extremely bad quality on Youtube, commentators sometimes post a question asking, “Did you record this with a potato?” This questions how the video poster ever even thought that his video was youtube worthy; videos that receive this comment are often heavily pixellated, corrupted, excessively blurry, or constantly contain text that’s too small to see.

In these comments the word potato is often replaced with something else, for example calculator..
Guy 1: *Shows a video with bad quality*
Guy 2: "Did you record this with a potato?"
by SParwa August 19, 2011
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Some shit that Roberts made up. Most likely an Asian tourist phrase lost in translation.
Guy 1: did you record this with a potato ?
Guy 2: wtf you talking bout bro. I don't use potatoes like that...
by Gutiegute May 17, 2017
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