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Used to describe low quality videos
1:dude did you shot this video with a potato?
2:yeah i agree this video has the worse kind of potato quality
by awaffleduck September 08, 2014

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You meant to search porn but it was too dark to see so you searched oirn on Google. You saw this on urbandictionary and it made you curious so you clicked this. now you are here.
i feel like beating the meat *types oirn into Google*
by awaffleduck January 26, 2015

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An act of sassing a shorter person with your height. Works with anybody shorter than you and fun for all ages.
"I heard that guy has a bad case of tall guy sass, must've been a midget when he was young."

Person 1:"Bet you can't even dunk."
Person 2:"Don't tall guy sass me."
by awaffleduck July 03, 2014

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A biscuit box that is filled with your mom or your grandma's sewing kit. Strangely everybody can relate to this.
"Dude I was looking for something to munch on and I found a biscuit box. Turns out it was a biscuit sewing kit and now my stomach is grumbling."
by awaffleduck July 03, 2014

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A person who is depressed because they don't know where they belong. Downward being depressed, tomato being neither a fruit or a vegetable and thus make it out of place
Mike is a downward tomato because he doesn't know wether he belongs to the nerd group or the art group
by awaffleduck July 03, 2014

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Us. We are internet explorers
Me:"Hey Sam, we're internet explorers."
Sam:"Dear god"
by awaffleduck July 03, 2014

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