is commonly experienced following parties of any kind. Severity of symptoms may depend on a number of variables, two of which being the duration of the event, and general level of epicness. The symptoms of depression may include, but are not limited to: feelings of emptiness, loneliness, disconnect, gloominess, and general sadness. The individual may feel reclusive, or oppositely, the need to connect with certain people -- possibly both. Once everyone has gone their separate ways, the world feels empty, and one may feel disconnected from it. Their emotions feel detuned and/or out of tune, creating an inescapable feeling of dissonance. For the time being, one is without their much needed sense of normality which, while emotionally disconcerting, may cause him or her to become very reflective in a rather nostalgic way.
Treatment for Post-Party Depression: Naps, watching your favorite TV shows, watching movies, comfort foods, relaxing, playing old video games, talking to people online or on the phone, post-poning any obligations until symptoms subside.
by .Yes. July 9, 2012
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PPD (Also known as PED, or Post-Excitement Depression) or Post-Party Depression is an emotion that is usually felt after moments of intense excitement or fun, such as a party. This is usually experienced right after you arrive home from the "party", and begin to compare your current life with your life from a few hours ago, which was full of fun and excitement. Your current life looks completely bland and as if nothing will ever be as good as that party or experience. This is the source of PPD
Guy 1: Man, I feel down.
Guy 2: Why?

Guy 1: Not sure, I just feel down after that party.
Guy 2: Eh don't worry about it, it's probably just Post-Party Depression. Happens to a lot of people
by Post-Party Depression August 16, 2014
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The feeling you have after a big party you had been anticipating is over.
On sunday, I was experiencing post-party depression. After planning the big celebration for a month, I was sad when it was over.
by emily mitchell-marell December 3, 2007
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intense feeling of loneliness and nostalgia, following an awesome night and/or weekend of getting drunk and hooking up
Omg, I had so much fun last night with Tyler. This post party depression is killing me. Do you think he's gonna call?
by welovetucker August 24, 2009
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the low you hit after a great party
dan: dude, why you so bummed? that party was great!
john: just post-party depression
by kitty!! December 27, 2010
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Feeling letdown, gloomy, or sometimes even lonely the day (or days) following a party or other enjoyable social event.
Person One: "What did you do all day Sunday?"
Person Two: "I was easing my post-party depression by laying in bed watching Buffy all day."

by ems August 27, 2007
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In which one attends such an awesome party, that the next few days seem bland and horrible.
Most of year 10 at MWSC was suffering pretty bad Post Party Depression after the prom last friday. the rest where all hung over.
by Katezor! September 1, 2008
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