This ia a very satisfying, Tasty, and interestingly hot way to eat a sloppy omelette. First you need a willing particapent, after you have found one you need 3 eggs, some parsley, and oh yes the canadian bacon. Once you have all the ingredients mixed together pour them into the participants anal cavity, now the trick is to make them really hot they are in a sense the "skillet". This will warm the mix and it is now ready for consumption. The prefered tool for the pros is a straw. But you need to have some good lungs for this meal for you do need to work for it...
Wow i had the best portugese breakfast last night... Dude you were with steve all night....
by S 3 X Y Santa August 17, 2005
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Originating in Pre-colonial Brazil the Portugese Breakfast was first introduced to the west via an aboriginal tribesman who passed on the info to some portugese conquistadores. With a taste for omelates but no skillit to speak of he siglehandedly revolutionized the egg industry. Throwing caution into the wind and 3-4 eggs, plus fixins into an ass cavity he created a quick and delicious meal as well as a great way to demoralize the person being used as the ass skillet.
"Sofia smiled to herself as Alowicious poured western omelate batter into her ass cavity. In a matter of minutes they would be dining on one hell of a portugese breakfast"
by Matuea October 8, 2006
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First find a willing girl. Beat 4 eggs, shredded cheese and a can of tuna into a large bowl. Pour the mixture into the vagina of a woman.The "cook" places his mouth over the vagina and lifts the woman over there head and swallows as much of it as possible.
"Amanda was dissapointed that Kenny couldn't finish his Portugese Breakfast."
by BLR June 2, 2006
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From the movie "Deuce Bigalow: European Giggalo" Refers to the sex act of spreading a woman's legs wide open, stuffing curry chicken in her nanzo and eating her out while munching on the chicken"
by Pdogs August 27, 2005
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It originated in Continental Portugal. This guy walked into his house to find his wife having lesbian sex with another women using a Portugese Sausage as a double sided dildo. He was hungry from work and watching both women go at it made him horny. So he went down on her while eating the sausage. This is also known as a "Portymeal"

Now it may be used for describing Food with Sex. Whether it be eating a sandwhich while a girl is going down on you or what not
Im hungry n horny, I think im gonna have a Portugese Breakfast.
by Q400 December 3, 2005
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when you cook an omelet your partners forehead, and ejaculate. also known as skeet skeet.
I gave sally a portugese breakfast and it was delicious.
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The process of doing the a guy/girl up the ass then getting poo on your dick then covering it in peanut butter and making the girl/guy eat it.
Phil gave me a portugese breakfast last night and i loved it
by Jkwon756565 May 8, 2006
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