A smallish west-coast city. Heavily populated with liberals and counterculturists, it is a Democrat city holding a Republican state hostage. Known to corrupt people once they move within the city limits, creating arrogant, rebellious youths who style themselves as revolutionaries and try to rebell against every possible institution. This has created widespread drawbacks and has caused the birth of many new ways to refer to the city, such as:
"Oregons' Cesspit."
In the end, Portland is a festering sore in the otherwise pristine Williamate valley.
"Hey, do you think this black mascara makes me look rebellious enough to go to the punk show tonight?"

"Hey, do you think if I put my bra on backwards I could start a trend?"

"Hey, do you like my new messenger bag? I was tired of my old one, it had a brand sticker on it and I felt like I was supporting some evil corporate empire, so I set it on fire in somebodies' mailbox."

"Dating Portland girls is like fishing in a ditch: if you do catch something, you're gonna need antibiotics."
by Heck yes I'm JM June 12, 2006
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One of the most boring cities. Lousy weather, no sports (except for an NBA team), no amusement parks, no nothing. It's hick.
Born and raised in Portland. I'm moving to Los Angeles
by Kyle January 28, 2005
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A eerily clean city in the state of Oregon. It's full of hippies and there are too many environmentalists. The city itself is nice on the surface but then you just realize it is a wannabe Seattle. About half of it's metro population comes from Washington state. The blazers suck and the northern side of the city on the willamette is full of graffiti, thugs, and drugs. In the downtown area there is an enormous ammount of bums that will ask you for bus fair. The weather is nice but there are too many parks/rose gardes that allow free loaders to play hacky sack and be lazy in their tie die t shirts. The city is only successful because it tries to be like Seattle. The only good thing about this city is the fact that there is no sales tax. Essentially people from Vancouver, WA do all their shopping in Portland.
Portland needs to be its own city and stop trying to be like Seattle.
by Mitchell Shelley September 21, 2006
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a place that doesn't exist
Kiki: I'm from Portland, guys.

Amanda: Is that in Hogwarts?
Katie: Isn't in Narnia?
by SpreadTheLoveAround March 12, 2017
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A city full of rich hip kids heavy in the indie new age liberal hipster movement coming out of mom and dads basementand funded by their wallets. There is literally so much white guilt in this town you can spread it on a bagel like cream cheese. Also a great place to get some coffee, followed by finding a dead heroin addict in a starbucks bathroom. Portland also has one of the greatest collection of hobo communities. You can't walk through down town without giving out 5 dollars in change, 12 cigarettes and also recieve some new trash ip from one of the above mentioned hipsters. Also do not talk to anyone. They may get offended
God i hope god emperor Trump walls of Portland before mexico.

I went to Portland on holiday to smoke some weed and drink some coffee,and came back with a large dildo collection.
by White-danger July 30, 2017
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Portland is bummy niggas got tha nutty (tha north) (i live in tha north) niggas are also out in gresham. north and gresham both bummy full of homless niggas and crackhead. easy to get weed here. If you want to live in a nice area live in southeast but dont go anywhere past 65th it gets bummy the deeper you go and dont live in st johns white people took over half of tha north and NE so if yall wanna move there then go ahead its coo over there but dont got to st johns i lived in my new apartment in st johns (i always lived in st johns tho) for 6 months theres already been 7 shootings. and ive already fought two bums they just be sleepin in front of my apartments n shit annoying as fuck drunk as shit. and loud but i mean portland can be coo errbody got weed.
Portland is coo
by Not finna show my name in shit February 01, 2018
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