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A hardline Capitalist. Someone who defends capitalism to the hilt, even when it becomes authoritarian and immoral for them to do so. This word is not meant to say that capitalism is bad, but rather describe people who become borderline authoritarians when defending the system of Capitalism. The word does not specifically have any bite to it.

The derives from the words "Tankie" and "Porky"

Porky is a cartoon character from a 1920 Soviet agitprop poster. The character, both online and in real life, has been used to represent the bourgeois or ruling class, a literal capitalist pig.

A Tankie is an apologist for the violence and crimes against humanity perpetrated by twentieth-century Marxist-Leninist regimes, particularly the Soviet Union under Joseph Stalin (1924 - 1953).
Person 1: Micheal thinks it's good that China is now privatizing air.

Person 2: Wow! Really?

Person 1: He also unironically thinks that people who don't like Capitalism should be thrown out helicopters.

Person 2: What a Porkie.
by Vector Smith August 06, 2018
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A sex position in which one person takes it from the back whilst being slapped with meat, preferably bacon.
Hey babe ur cute can we make a porkie tonight
by Lolcat88 April 06, 2014
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