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Slang originally held to highlight the segregation-induced laziness of negros in pre-civil rights era America.

The movie "Clerks 2" attempts to re-conceptualize the word by proposing that there is nothing inherently black about porches, monkeys, or laziness.
From Clerks 2:

Randal: Since when did "porchmonkey" become a racial slur?
Dante: Since ignorant rednecks started saying at a hundred years ago.
Randal: "Porchmonkey" is something my grandmother use to call me because I use to sit on the porch all day looking at the neighbors.
Dante: That's like calling someone a "kike". Did you ever think that your grandmother was a racist?
Randal: No way. She had the utmost respect for the Jewish community. She use to tell me to be nice to the Jewish kids or else they'd put the sheeny curse on me.
Randal: What!?
Dante: Sheeny is a racial term for Jewish people...your grandmother was a racist.
Randal: My grandmother was not a racist! Wait... Now that I think of it...she did refer to a broken bottle as a "nigger knife" once. Maybe my grandmother was kind of a racist.
Dante: You think?
by Radiotheatre August 04, 2006
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someone without a job that sits on their porch all day drink'n 40's, and trading food stamps for crack.
by pickledspork July 07, 2005
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a derogatory way of describing an person of African decent
hey porch monkey--you got the money you owe me for the crack rock I sold you?
by charlie December 09, 2003
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A derogatory for a person of african or african american decent. BUT it could also mean a generally lazy person. This term came to be when you think of african americans sitting on there porch chatting it up. Also in the movie Clerks II, the sequal to Clerks, Randal tries to reclaim it as a new term for lazy people. And thus offends several customers and his boss.

*Police Officer sees Porch Monkey 4 Life written on the back of Randal's Mooby Uniform and looks flabbergasted*

Randal: Im taking it back!


Racist: You filthy crack smoking porch monkey!
by Dodectabone July 21, 2006
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used to describe a black person sitting on his porch all day doing nothing, but it can also refer to a mexican who is outside constantly doing some task that would take a normal person under 10 minutes to do.
a porch monkey could be a mexican working on his car, changing its oil, ALL DAY LONG, with several of his brothers and friends. very annoying when you live next to them and you have to listen to their spanish jibber jabbering all day long. then just when you think they're going to go inside because it's dark, they they bring out a lamp...
by bleh34234 July 05, 2009
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A person, of African descent, usually found in the Southern states of the United States. Porch Monkeys were commonly found sitting on their porches doing little or nothing all day. Usually found on Plantations or large land lots with a house/shack of some sort including a porch.
by LordRemus November 02, 2004
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