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A small city in South Eastern Virginia meaning great marsh. Everyone gets in everyone elses bussiness and rumors spread like wild fires. The Poquoson Seafood Festival is the biggest event in Poquoson, other than that nothing big really goes on. Beware of mosquitoes. But overall it's a nice place with good schools.
yes! ive been waiting for the poquoson seafood fest all year!
by queerinabottle June 14, 2008
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A small town in south east Virginia near Yorktown meaning "Great Swamp". Population of approximately 11,000-12,000 people mostly white with a few minorities mostly Asian. Contrary to popular belief the majority of Poquoson residents are not racists, but unfortunately there is a rather loud minority especially in the older generations. A nice town to raise a family in. A safe town where any real crime other than drugs is major news. Poquoson is a major hub for importing drugs from surrounding areas and states because of its large amount of isolated waterways and a generally lazy or bored police force although it is not seen publicly or generally spoken of. Also as with many small towns any information or rumors told to even a single person quickly spreads to everyone else in town. A major landmark and meeting area, especially for the youth, is Poquoson High School. Whether its for classes, sports or just to hang out you will almost always find someone there. In days gone by a major group in the high school was the Poquoson High School marching band, but regrettably the band has fallen off in recent years. Most of Poquoson's residents are military which leads to an almost constant flow of people moving into and out of Poquoson. A large majority of other people living in Poquoson commute out of Poquoson to work in the morning in the surrounding areas and come back in the evening. In general it is a nice place to live if you can handle the occasional redneck and mosquitoes.
Six cop cars for two kids out at 4:00 in the morning? Only in Poquoson.

Tell a friend a story from the weekend. Turn around to talk to someone else about it and have your story told to you. Only in Poquoson.
by pht91 April 08, 2011
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The most racist, bass-ackward town in Virginia with a population of approximately 11,000. At least 10,789 Bible-freaks and hunters. The one remotely exciting thing that happens there is the Seafood Fest.

Black people and people afraid of being eaten alive by mosquitoes beware of Poquoson.

Some common hobbies are "killin' things n' stuffin' 'em to hang in the eatin' room" and "gatherin' in City Hall for a good ol' fashion witch trial"

Gossip spreads like the sound of a gunshot echoing through the trees.

It never ceases to amaze me that people move there, when the most natural thing to do would be to move out, never look back, and never talk about it ever again.

Supposedly a 'one of the best school systems in the area', mostly because no one gets murdered, date raped, or pulls a gun on the teachers. There are about 5 black people in all of PMS (Poquoson Middle School).

That aside, it's a nice little town where children can play in the streets without too much fear of getting run over or molested and make all sorts of racist and sexist jokes.
"Man, why are you crying?"

"They just hung my grandma for being a blasphemy-speaking witch!"

"Nigga, that sucks. Why'd they do that?"

"She said she thought the theory of evolution should be taught in schools!"

*sigh* "Only in Poquoson, huh?"
by Love.Lust.PixieDust. December 15, 2010
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