A person who stays to themself, but is loved/liked by many
That guy Doug is really a popular loner!
by OhYeahWuan July 19, 2019
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I’m a popular loner.
They all know me but
don’t really know me.
“ Everybody know me but ima popular loner
by lookie November 12, 2019
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A dude who's an athlete, hot and everyone thinks he actually gets lots of pussy, but he's actually chill, kinda shy, likes music, introverted, super smart, kind of a nerd and wants to meet someone he vibes with.
Michael: Yo Marshall hot. He must get lots of pussy
Derek: Nah, he's a Popular Loner
by MichaelPenus June 18, 2020
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Someone that usually is in small friend groups, or gets new friends almost every year, or has nun at all. Many people know them but don't really know them.
by Loopy nubwol October 5, 2020
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Usually named James Hinesly. Listens to lots of Debussy, mainly watches hentai and brings sexy back. Said to be best friend of, 'doorknife chan'.
Hey look it's the- Popular Loner. It must be Jamie Hinesley ... (Respectfully) *blush* /gen
by James hinesly May 2, 2021
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A person who rather be by there self because of different vibes ,is known by many,don’t talk to nun
Alex: how come she is always by herself she is so pretty

Sari:that’s what you call a popular loner 😍
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