1. A fan of the singer and YouTube personality "Poppy", otherwise known as "That Poppy". Her fans were originally called "Popsisters", but the name was changed.

2. People who are not in a cult; who do not believe in cults. Say it with me. I am not in a cult.
"Poppyseeds refer to Poppy as their “god” or “queen.” They buy pink triangle “membership rings” from her site and watch her videos over and over... those little details stoke the fire." -WIRED
by Bleach Blonde™ August 2, 2018
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Poppy (YouTuber, popstar) fans often call themselves Poppyseeds to call themselves Poppy's fans.
I am Poppy's Poppyseed. I am one of Poppy's Poppyseeds.
by AlexMihacsi September 2, 2018
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prickley pubes
i shaved last week and now i got poppyseeds
by lalapooop February 16, 2011
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what yo daddy saw you doing
"Well poppyseed you on his tractor and you wasnt sposed to be on dat tractor."

(Hey! What the hell y'all doin out there!)

by bojzzle October 15, 2004
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A PG-13 version of "son of a bitch" that was first introduced in a Panera commercial for their Strawberry Poppyseed Salad.
Son of a poppyseed! This salad looks good as a bih.
by whitefridaynite August 26, 2021
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