Poppy is great. Do not be fooled, she is not a cult leader. Her director is Titanic Sinclair. Titanic was formerly part of a band called Mars Argo. That Poppy loves the internet. She posts videos on youtube.com/poppy . She is into pastel fashion, as well as creepy/satanic. She's written a book, called the Gospel of Poppy. Many people think she's a cult leader. She's not. She has an EP, called 'Bubblebath' and a Album, called poppy.computer, which are both on sale on iTunes. She is very adorable and her aesthetic is lovely. You can find more info on her on reddit and at her website, poppy.computer . She is a great alternative to Melanie Martinez. Most people find her videos unsettling and creepy, with her use of background music and repetition of words. Her fanbase, is very similar to a cult. It is not a cult.

(Honestly though her account is just satire, and all her music and videos are just making fun of today's celebrities.)
Person 1: Have you watched that internet girl, That Poppy?

Person 2: Oh hell yeah, she's creepy as fuck!

Person 1: I joined her cult.
by he.calls.me.poppyseed January 14, 2018
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A famous youtuber, starting off with her seemingly 'creepy' videos. She went viral and started making music. (Listen to fashion after all like sis its heckin good)
by OliviaisstephaniexD October 18, 2018
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The name Poppy used to go by until she got kicked out of Island Records when they decided to just own the rights to the name instead of just giving it up. Stupid wenches they are though.
Person 1: Did you hear That Poppy's song called Lowlife?
Person 2: No.
Person 1: Well you'd better watch it.
Person 2: But her name is no longer 'That Poppy' and instead it's just Poppy.
Person 1: UGHH OK THEN. Have you heard POPPY's song lowlife?
by smartalek22 November 15, 2018
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Old name of youtube sensation 'Poppy' before getting kicked off Island Records.
Person 1: Have you heard the new album Am I a Girl? by 'That Poppy'
Person 2: That who?
Person 2: Do you mean 'Poppy'
Person 1: Yeah
Person 2: Don't get it wrong silly.
by smartalek22 November 15, 2018
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A girl who has a very bubbly personality and is very talkative. Sometimes she can be a bit loud, and is really random. However, she is very loyal and kind to everyone.
Hello poppy! There's Poppy!
by Cathy35 July 01, 2017
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A amazing girl who is sceptical of her body but is really fit and kind ,she is also careing and puts her over people first and then herself .however u must know her really well in order to know if she is alright because she is a master of hideing her feelings. She forgives really easily and rarely dislikes people
Do u kbiw whats beautiful and is a girl

by The good guy 123 September 01, 2018
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Poppy is absolutely stunning, although she chooses to deny the fact that she looks like a model, with an incredible figure, shining hair, long legs, and trusting hazel eyes.
She isn't just beautiful, but intelligent as well, and generally aces most tests while barely trying at all.
However, she is extremely quiet, due to the fact that she is hiding something big. She gets upset easily. Don't hurt her feelings, or she will always remember.
Dude, your girlfriend is hot, smart but doesn't say much. She's a Poppy!
by WooferDog February 18, 2013
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