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Poppy is great. Do not be fooled, she is not a cult leader. Her director is Titanic Sinclair. Titanic was formerly part of a band called Mars Argo. That Poppy loves the internet. She posts videos on . She is into pastel fashion, as well as creepy/satanic. She's written a book, called the Gospel of Poppy. Many people think she's a cult leader. She's not. She has an EP, called 'Bubblebath' and a Album, called, which are both on sale on iTunes. She is very adorable and her aesthetic is lovely. You can find more info on her on reddit and at her website, . She is a great alternative to Melanie Martinez. Most people find her videos unsettling and creepy, with her use of background music and repetition of words. Her fanbase, is very similar to a cult. It is not a cult.

(Honestly though her account is just satire, and all her music and videos are just making fun of today's celebrities.)
Person 1: Have you watched that internet girl, That Poppy?

Person 2: Oh hell yeah, she's creepy as fuck!

Person 1: I joined her cult.
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by January 14, 2018
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That Poppy is a singer who enjoys watching the devil make dirty jokes and wearing clothing that would make barbie jealous as fuck
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by Meme queen for life March 29, 2017
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