A Dominican Slang term that is used to characterize someone (usually young) that has money and comes from a higher socio-economic background. Typically they have the newest iphone, expensive clothes, good looking, and carry themselves with class. These individuals are also well-educated and live in the more affluent neighborhoods of the island and have experienced no economic hardship.
Ese Popi va a pasar este fin de semana en una villa de sus padres en Casa De Campo.
by UnPopiDeRD May 28, 2021
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An affectionate term that loving daughters give to scary fathers. A Popi is a very lovable pops that is also monumentally scary when angered. A Popi usually has a square head like a television, no neck and occasionally sports a goatee or an Italian gangster hairdo. Avoid being smacked by a Popi because it frequently creates concussions.
He hasn't met my Popi yet because he still has his shoes and no shoe shaped scar on his forehead.
by Cruella McDrag March 2, 2013
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A slang term used in Spanish speaking countries like Mexico to define someone who is stuck up. They like the finer things in life and will talk down to you and about you if you don't roll like they do
Hey look at that girl over there she's so popis!
Yeah I don't think I've ever seen her wearing anything that's not name brand.
by Sin vergüenza July 1, 2018
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that is when you flip your hat upside down
and it looks like the popes hat
hey every body do the popy
by chippy chipmunk April 5, 2005
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Popie is used to randomly catch someone by suprised
"Popie" what "popie"
by GingerBlades November 9, 2020
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To Give or Recieve Oral Sex(head;blow job)
come here ma gimme' some popi
by Joshua April 18, 2005
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(n.) Plural of popo.
Dood! It took three popi to take him down!
by the brodie January 23, 2011
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