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When you're on the telephone and tell someone you have to go but an hour later you're still talking. You got popeyed!
"You're STILL on the phone with Joe? Damn, you got Popeyed"
by Hangar18TFR November 28, 2014
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When you attempt to blow the ashes out of your weed bowl, and the ashes go in your eye,

Leaving you with one eye wide open and the other one shut and you have a pipe in your mouth leaving you looking just like popeye the sailor man.
Tom cleared the ashes out of his bowl and pop-eyed himself.
by Preston T Fitzgerald March 30, 2017
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When a woman sits on your face, and she’s so large she makes your eyes pop out of your head.
Paul was standing in line for fried chicken when he saw a beautiful BBW and decided to take her home.
He was so excited when he undressed her and pulled her in his face that he Popeyed his couch.
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by Ballsinmybutt July 07, 2018
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When you're passed out drunk in the back of your girl's car, and she's drunk, but thinks you need to sober up, so she tries to feed you spinach while you're passed out.
My baby tried to kill me when she popeyed me with her salad.
by digitalizard August 29, 2018
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