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A person who wins lots of stuff off the radio. Mostly movie tickets, and more often than not a few major prizes. Also another word for "Sex god who has incredible stamina"
OMG! He is so PoPEy
by James Pope May 03, 2004
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1) Thinking that one's mere presence makes a situation better.
2) Using language rather than action to make changes, or to express a biased opinion.

**Refer to: the Pope in political and religious situations.**
1)Girl: Jon is such a jerk! He thinks the party only starts once he has arrived.

Guy: Yeah, sometimes he can be kinda popey.

2)Guy: Sally, you need to fix your life by beginning a dialogue with your enemies at school.

Sally: Considering they just gave me a black eye, that is the popiest advice I have ever heard!
by saltyblueocean May 11, 2009
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