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Being in such state of transcendence when you are so amazingly high that you laugh at the word "Poopty" itself when said, thought about, or read. It is usually achieved when a wake and bake is accompanied by being very tired and already out of your usual mindset, however, it can also be achieved when large quantities of herb smoking is coupled with the sheer knowledge of the word.
Man One: I'm feeling pretty Poopty.
Man Two: How do you know?
Man One: "Poopty"!
Man Two: Wow, you're correct!
by Prkrsmth April 16, 2009
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its when you are expecting a poop to come out, and it comes out at JUST THE RIGHT TIME, that makes you say, "Poopty, that was just fantastic!"
Ethel: Honey, are you alright in there?
Henry: Just poopty dear, just poopty.
by Trevi April 29, 2006
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