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Poopetrated, Poopetrates, Poopetration, Poopetrating, an act performed by a poopetrator. To commit criminal acts with the use of feces in a manner that is revolting and irresponsible to the rules of social norms, or in a hostile way or in acts of revenge against another or their property.
To poopetrate on another would be to allow one's canine to poop or defecate in another's yard. Acts of poopetration were performed on the neighbors whom the poopetrator did not like. Using his dog's need to defecate as the weapon, my neighbor has poopetrated on my yard. My hidden camera caught his acts of poopetration. Poopetration is not limited to dog feces, but can include any type of feces used to commit a criminal act. This neighbor poopetrates on his neighbor every day by allowing his dog to take a crap on his yard.
by dmar239 March 21, 2013
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