a time honored tradition only able to be participated in by those who have great skill
whos is down for some pool
by Mutley the dog December 19, 1999
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A usually concrete place filled eith non alcoholic substance
Lets go and have a swim in the place made of concrete filled with a non alcoholic substance(pool)
by Billy Aardvark April 12, 2006
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1. A small body of standing water.
2. A person (usually derogatory).
(as in: tool)
3. One whom is swum in by others, usually after having paid a membership fee.
1. We went to the swimming pool yesterday and played sharks and minnows!

2. She is such a pool.

3. A: Yesterday he swam in me.
B: You are such a whore!
A: It's cool, he gave me his monthly.
B: Then you are a pool!
by your real name1 April 19, 2009
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A highly complex game played by highly intelligent people. All players play on a table, placing their coins on the edge. The object is to hit your opponent's coins off of the table.

Players who use extra large coins (such as half-dollars) are usually considered 'douchebags' and lose anyways. Such players also tend to wear flannel pants.

Obstacles, such as milk cartons, can be thrown in for extra difficulty.
Bill: "Your mom is so hot."
Phil: "OK."
Bill: "Let's play pool."
Phil: "OK."
by Yossarian Frusarrian August 07, 2005
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Stated perfectly by 'mutley'.
Q: "Keen for pool, old mate?"
A: "Fuck yeah I'm down for some pool brother!."
by Diego July 07, 2003
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