The most loyal, thoughtful and lovable gal. Once you meet her, you'll never want to let her go. She's a gem, with beautiful gleaming eyes that will light up your life
Damn, did you see Meenu today?? SHE'S MY FAV
by Furkneeee October 18, 2017
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When you have the will of Meenu you have unmentionable strength and speed (like Dragonball Z). Only two people in the universe have this power and they rule. People with the will of Meenu are cool and listen to good music.
WoM guy: I listen to punk and metal. Judas Priest and NOFX are both good bands.
Poseur: You're such a goth! Listen to 50 Cent!
WoM guy: Meenu Lightning Attack!
*kills poseur*
by Santino February 19, 2004
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STUPID IDIOT!!!!!!!!!!
She's a real Meenu
by BOIIIIIYUYU November 20, 2019
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1) Undersized, unimpressive male reproductive organs.

2) Small meat.
That waitress told me that the chef has Wangus Meenus. I don't know how he can live with small meat.
by sam ward May 27, 2007
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