What you say to someone who you are in love with but you know that you will hurt or screw over, and would rather be miserable without them than make them miserable.
Ironically, this usually makes the person want to stay with you more, especially a girl, since they want to be the one to change the "bad boy", and this proves that the boy is serious about you.
Girl: "I love you."
Boy: "You deserve better. I've screwed over every girl ever, I only date chicks because they're hot, I'm a shallow ass hole. Seriously, baby, you deserve someone so much better than me."
Girl: "But I want you. And you want me. So who's to say what I deserve?"
*Boy screws girl over, then tells her he told her so*
by llamallamallamallamaduckllama December 28, 2008
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