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When you accidently kill yourself when you are taking an extremely excruciating, painful, enduring, shit.
Some say Elvis died from a drug overdose. I beg to differ. He was on the toilet so he must have committed pooicide.
by Gnezz10 March 30, 2010
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Self-death by poo. One killing themselves by forcing large quantities of their own human feces down their esophagus.
This fortnite grind is too much, might as well commit pooicide.
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by linus Johnson craft April 10, 2019
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First you knock someone out,then you squat down towards there face.

And then you shit in there mouth and duck tape it closed around the back of there heard and watch them spew throwup/poo violently through their nostrils.
Man if this nigga keeps talking shit them i am going to commit pooicide on his ass!
by Angel n Beaner Productions August 11, 2007
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The act of soiling your pants out of hatred for yourself.
Jack: Hey loser how you going fat shit!
Me: Commit Pooicide motherfucker your underpants are of poor, cheap chinese quality.
by Bath Wanker October 07, 2018
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