To have sex with an unwilling drunk or drugged person, under the guise of friendship. The offender will usually offer to "drive" the victim home & may position themselves for innocent cuddling, mimicking a lap dog.
Look at that sober guy taking that wasted chick home, she's getting poodled tonight.

"I don't remember anything from last night, but I woke up naked, I've been poodled!"
by dentontrth May 26, 2010
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POODL is an ERC-20 deflationary token. In particular, 1% of every transaction is automatically burned and another 1% is redistributed to holders. This increases scarcity of the supply of POODL tokens, which means that every POODL holder has a strong incentive to hold tokens and spread the use of POODL.

As the trading volume increases and the number of transactions rises, every holder will increase its supply and benefit from the augmented scarcity.

The backbone of POODL is its community. In fact, our growth model is exponential and we expect it to keep being that way for a long time.

Poodle 1: Hey dawg, have you heard about the new $POODL token?
Poodle 2: Woof woof, indeed I have, and I've bought some myself, but what's next?
Poodle 1: HOODL POODL!
by André Delacroix March 23, 2021
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When a furry wears a partial fursuit and leaves their skin exposed by wearing shorts or a t-shirt. This is sometimes looked down upon by furries, as it is considered "breaking the magic". Named after the fact that it resembles a poodle with shaved legs.
"That furry couldn't have even been bothered to wear long sleeves. Fucking degenerates, I hate poodling"
by Zanyystar March 7, 2020
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Nickname for Tony Blair, Prime Minister of the UK; popular in London; Mr. Blair is widely ridiculed as "Bush's Poodle" by his own citizens for his obeisance to Dubya's warmongering crusade to attack Iraq.

Reference: Google Bush Blair AND Endless Love and/or Gay Bar; both are videos circulated on the internet that illustrate this point.
The poodle will do whatever Dubbya says. Fetch Tony! Heal Tony! Good boy Tony! Bloody poodle!
by TWade September 2, 2005
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that is a poodle
by Clown Hor March 7, 2003
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A most amazing breed of dog owned and praised by the highest members of society through out human history. The poodle is regarded as the second most intelligent dog second only to the border collie whose disposition and physical exterior are out shinned by light years by the poodles elegant mannerisms and sense of calm. The poodle is skillful in many dog sports, including agility, obedience, tracking, and even herding and has taken first place more than any other breed. But poodles are not only the elegant show dogs portrayed by the media, poodles were once known as the best hunting dogs, hunting on both land and in water with the intelligence and beauty that accompanies everything a poodle does. The poodle, a dog usually associated with the upper crust of society, has just recently in the last few decades, made its way down the socioeconomic ladder and has proved its most outstanding quality yet. The poodle is now becoming known as the best house pet for its calming sweetness and adoration of its owner. You will not find a more well rounded, beautiful, intelligent dog than the poodle.
Joe: What is that beautiful creature?

Dan: Thats my poodle dude.
by hehe88888 September 3, 2010
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v. To poodle, having poodled, or to engage in poodling. 1.To worry incessantly over the unknown, characterized by clasping and unclasping the hands, tapping fingers together over and over again, and raising the eyebrows thus furrowing the brow. 2.To approach minutia with extreme trepidation.
From early 19th cen. German 'Pudelhÿng'
My wife's getting a nose ring today and I'm totaly poodling over it. You think you've got problems, the girl I'm dating won't wear my pajamas, I've poodled over it for days.
by boo boo the bear May 10, 2007
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