When a furry wears a partial fursuit and leaves their skin exposed by wearing shorts or a t-shirt. This is sometimes looked down upon by furries, as it is considered "breaking the magic". Named after the fact that it resembles a poodle with shaved legs.
"That furry couldn't have even been bothered to wear long sleeves. Fucking degenerates, I hate poodling"
by Zanyystar March 7, 2020
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The act of grinding facing frontwards. The girl's crotch is repeatedly rubbing against the guy's leg, like humping. Small dogs like poodles love to hump things.
Did you see Jenny last night?

Ya what a slut, she poodled every guy there!


Holy shit, I just danced with Sarah, and I have a wet spot on my upper thigh!

Ya, that bitch loveeeees poodling
by gravitybeatz.blogspot.com December 6, 2010
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She was Poodling about all morning and never got the jobs done.
He was Poodling on the internet all night so ended up not going out.
by EllieCee May 30, 2008
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In competitive Roller Derby, the practice of intentionally incurring an additional minor penalty in order to gain an eventual strategic advantage. The accumulation of four minors is equivalent to a major. A skater who is about to become the "jammer", or scoring skater, does not want to start their turn with three minors, because if their "major" comes during their scoring turn the other team will get a boatload of points. So... a skater with three minors who is about to be the "jammer" will take a false start penalty, serve the one-minute major and get it out of the way before their jam starts.
She's going to be the next jammer, but she's got three minors. She'll probably resort to poodling.
by Doctor George May 20, 2011
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The act of bleaching, then landscaping the pubic hair into a shape by shaving.
"Hey Charlie, will you shave and bleach my pubes into a white cloud?"
"Sure Crystal, I'm up for some poodling!"
by Dum April 7, 2006
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Shorthand for 'Poo Doodling'. The artistic creations left behind in the toilet basin after a particularly sticky shit.
Pete has been poodling in the office toilet. His poodle is worthy of a Turner Prize
by Stalyvegas January 11, 2016
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