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When the meal you've ingested becomes mature and begins it's escape from your anus with extreme angst and prejudice. Pooberty often ends in betrayal by shart, trouser chili dogs, or shitting one's self.
Dude ate the biggest burrito I've ever seen! It must have hit pooberty because I saw him running to the turd guzzler leaving a trail of butt-chum behind him...
by JohnnyBravo00 September 06, 2016
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When you are from 13 to 19. Sometimes 12 to 21. You are in a state of confusion. You are crabby all the time. You are past the point of puberty. It's the long drawn out version of puberty. Hence the name Poo-ber-tee. To sum it up: Very drama puberty....
Brandon: Darrin was acting really strange. One word answers, crying for no reason, not wanting to take a shower, Lashing out at everyone. What's wrong with him?

Andrew: Oh, You didn't know..He's still in Pooberty.
by Ruby Wells November 05, 2007
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