When you want to insult someone and cant think of anything very interesting or clever to say.
by kula90 January 08, 2005
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A term used when swearing is not acceptable.

When one can think of nothing else to say to call someone.
Edward chamberlain is a poo head.

owww... your a poo head!
by lollyspop December 22, 2010
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The strangulation of the large intestine, resulting in the backing up of human waste in the reverse of its original course and into the human brain.
I went to the doctor to get rid of my poo-head.

Jerry's got poo-head.
by Zander0506 January 24, 2010
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a cute term for someone who's head is clearly full of toilet, but you love / fancy them to much to call them a shit-face
Wubby don't be wuch a poo-head and maybe we can wive hwappily wever wafter in a wittle flat in Hamsted Heath
by Pallidboy January 06, 2004
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a great swear word used by people of great intelligence and astounding word power...
lex you´re not only a git but a poo-head
by Ben McClane December 20, 2003
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when someone is being a bitch or is being evil or mean. Sometimes a term of endearment, alot of times something I say too avoid swearing.
"Your such a poo head!" *storms off*
"he was like, being a total poo head"
"OMG you freakin poo head" *laughs and hugs*
*glares at mother* "You are such a!....poo head"
by The Contessa Of The Suburbs August 03, 2005
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A poo head is someone who’s getting on your nerves and instead of swearing at them you call them a poo head.
A way to low key insult your fellow people and not get in trouble when around teachers.
Poo head can be used in many occasions and can be just used when someone teases you or hits you.
The worlds filled with them!
“your such a poo head!”, phoebe said.

“What’s a poo head?”, replied magdelena.
“Some one who gets on your nerves”, Phoebe said

“oh clever”, said magdelena
by Webby97 December 09, 2019
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