A word used by beings capable of speach in order to poke fun at deities.

A word that can be randomly put in for no aparent reason.
Amy.. you are a poohead and don't exist!

I was watching the big game last night poohead.
by Sailor JJ February 15, 2003
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noun) insult, one whose head is covered in poo
julia, why is there poo on your head, you must be a poo-head
by (god) February 26, 2003
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1.) A term used by gods to humiliate one, or make one feel inferior to you.
2.) A word at random, just to fill in a blank space in a sentance or to shut some1 up.
Roy is a poohead when he disobeys god!
*mumble mumble* POOHEAD! *mumble*
by Java February 15, 2003
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v. To poohead

A term originally used by the Ottawa XVI community meaning posing as someone else and posting to a forum in their name when they leave their computer and account logged in or when they use auto-fill for passwords in their browser.

Believed to have been originally coined by someone posting "I am a poohead" on the initial victim's account and has since been known as pooheading or being pooheaded.

(Note, logging in as someone when you know their password and posing as them is NOT considered pooheading. To qualify, the victim must have left his/her account logged in; the alternative is just considered a misuse of password knowledge privileges.)
" - Did you read Graham's post? He sold his car to fund becoming a roady for 98 Degrees!
- I'm pretty sure that was just a poohead."
by Essentiae April 28, 2007
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my freind marshall who can also be referred to as a testical shitting penguin rapist whos brain is made out of cheese
that kid is such a poo head he acts just like marshall
by seven101 August 22, 2008
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Poohead is what my friends are all called. We are like a group of BIG POOHEADS.
Jo, Sue, Katie, Laura and Sarah are all such pooheads
by KC May 09, 2003
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