The process of getting a nigga's cheeks clapped, pissed on, and spat on, by a male named Carlos Polanco
Yo! I heard that faggots PP got Polanco'd.
by Cloudy_1 February 24, 2021
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When one sibling is charming, while the other is the polar opposite usually repulsive.
The Polanco Effect is a really prominent factor in the Polanco Family, shown between Jerry and Jimmy, is very cruel.
by Butternade August 27, 2016
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When your mate wants a beer but you want more than money ;)
Julius: surely can I have some Asahi
Chad: nah mate I don’t want money
Julius: I’ll suck ya dick for it
Chad: oh the Polanco Accord
by Deep Fake 69 Joner March 28, 2022
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to be unnecessarily involved in a situation or more specficily a case involving patient care
I walked in this morning to find out I was polanco-ed 10 times with consults overnight
by medic0681 July 25, 2011
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Has no girls likes to play with his penis and is not charming
I saw Jase polanco playing with his moms pussy
by DOCTOR OF SEX March 28, 2016
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A pretty girl with caramel skin she is Hispanic pretty but she dosent know how to make good choices. She has been through a lot but she has friends that help her through trama . Fuck this world tho😂
by Yolaine polanco April 27, 2022
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