A term originating from the game Dead by Daylight used to refer to a hit/shot in a video game that should not have hit or did not look like it hit on your end.
"That was some mad pokos on that pallet!"
"Taste the pokos"
"Bark for me dog, taste my pokos shitternet"
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Pokos is a hit that feels like it shouldn't connect, but does. This can sometimes be due to lag, or massive hitboxes that connect right at the last second. This term is most often used to describe hits in the game Dead By Daylight.
"LilithOmen is the master of pokos extreme!"
by RaptorRoses July 5, 2022
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a person who is close to you, someone you trust, happy when they are around. A nickname that for your best friend.
by GirlxoxLove August 9, 2017
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Poko Poko is the art of training a peacock to violently peck at a human's private area. Poko Poko masters can simply shout "Poko poko!" and any peacocks within a 31 mile radius will immediately flock to the master and attack the intended target.
Peter: "Bertie I HATE YOU!!!"
Bertie: "Poko poko!"

*fourteen peacocks appear and peck Peter. Peter required 16 stitches and a new arm*

by Lee Price May 8, 2008
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(adj)- Poko is a word or nickname describing a very smart, sarcastic, no-holds bar type stoner. Pokos are constantly in trouble and take the fall when fellow friends get into trouble. Pokos usually have criminal records and mental health problems causing them to do things in repetition or become entwined in their nervous habits despite their demeanor.

Pokos appear to be at the end of the pack when they are usually the right hand man. They will kick your ass and then pretend like it never happened.
B: That was amazing.
V: Welcome to my world, why are you poking that?
B: I don't know.
V: I'm gonna call you Poko, cuz you poke everything.
B: Oh, no, it's just a nerv...
V: Alright Poko, see you later.
by Brittney Sade July 17, 2008
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Menso Poko Poko basically means "Seeing but not saying". Mostly its related to a state of complete surprise at what happens randomly or unexpectedly in life. Menso Means "Eyes in Nyanja" while Poko means "Poking". So its a combination of eye popping in disbelief or surprised.
I came home and found that the dog had eaten my lunch I was just Menso Poko Poko
She told him she loved him and Menso Poko Poko was all he could do.
by Bixi FiftyFyve August 18, 2016
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