"It Just Works" is a phrase used to describe something that's inner workings don't make sense.

For example, the antagonist's stand of JoJo's Bizzare Adventure: Golden Wind, King Crimson has the ability to erase time. What does that mean? No clue, cause it just works.
King Crimson: I erased time, and leapt past it!
You: Wait, how does that work? What?
King Crimson: It just works.
WaffleGod (or WaffleGoddess) is the goddess of all Waffles. All around WaffleGod are usually young male homo sapiens usually from of 5-12 Earth Years of age. WaffleGod is a superhuman that many young children would like to have sexual intercourse with rather than using their right/left hand.

WaffleGod also has a mating call and it is a long squeal of up to 130+ dB. The pitch is over 100,000Hz, when this call is initiated, only the suitable male homo sapiens can survive.
*Man1 joins the conversation*
*Man1 survives*

-=1 hour later=-

*Man1 conversing with Man2*

Man1: Yo I survived the WaffleGod mating call!
Man2: Did you fuck?
Man1: Nah, I'm over 12, that's why I'm Man1.
A term originating from the game Dead by Daylight used to refer to a hit/shot in a video game that should not have hit or did not look like it hit on your end.
"That was some mad pokos on that pallet!"
"Taste the pokos"
"Bark for me dog, taste my pokos shitternet"