Used as a euphemism for Sex. Sexy sexy sex. Particularly between Arthur and Merlin. Term is used primarily as an excuse when others catch Merlin and Arthur in the act. Rarely works as everyone knows exactly what "poetry" Merlin is teaching Arthur.
Gwaine : Hey Leon, have you seen Merlin?

Leon : Yes. He was with Arthur. In the corridors. Alone.

Gwaine : What was their excuse this time?

Leon : Poetry.

Gwaine : They aren't fooling anyone.
by FoolingNoone October 20, 2012
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Poetry is useful when you go wooing
Poetry is useful when you go wooing,
Take care lads she might know what you're doing
by CriostoirHulme August 6, 2005
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A useless subject that is merely an abstract art. Forced upon kids, this waste of time teaches children how to rhyme words in a specific rhythm.
Betty: ugh, I have to learn poetry. It's so useless!
Carl: Yeah, it's just a big waste of time.
by Iamthebanananananana February 4, 2021
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She is one of the most independent and quiet people you’ll ever meet. She’s shy and keeps her thoughts to herself at first but once you get to know her she’s amazing, bright, and very loyal when she wants something she gets it, but most of the time she over thinks things and she usually hesitates in the moment, She smart, talented, when she tells you something she really means it she’s kind hearted and selfless, very very dramatic. But don’t let her shyness and kind heart Fool you she can be very bitchy at times, when she gets mad it takes her some time to get over the situation.
Guy 1: Damn why is Poetry so shy?
Guy 2: You have to get to know her, and once you do she’s the best person ever

Guy 2: whoever dates her they’re so lucky
by Mommas it October 2, 2019
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a failed attempt to put a bunch of exceptions to the rules together. sounds way better when you can rhyme while writing poetry, but teachers these days don't seem to stress rhyming because it hurts to think to much.
I wrote poems on top of poems in 7th grade
Poetry, i can't stand it
i'd rather have a big fat zit
by Gasper November 8, 2006
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The art of unlocking one’s most restrained and repressed emotions before manipulating them for aesthetic purposes in a feeble, half-ass attempt, to get into some college freshman’s panties.
Verbal Ejaculation

Poetry is such bullshit,
Nothing truly profound could ever be put on paper.
Self-awareness? Who needs it!
All I ever do is end up crying anyway.
It's like the dehydration of an emotional masochist;
Invisible pain, evaporating joy.
Someone oughta build a dam on my stream of consciousness,
But where then would all the fish go to spawn?
Why does Jesus ask for so much faith?
Where is Allah’s justice?
Yahweh hasn’t written a book in two millennia.
There’s too much order in the chaos.
My eyesight is failing; I fear I may soon go blind.
Not that there’s much worth seeing anyway.

by nethcev! September 10, 2006
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(n.) (not imit) - the sound an angry Asian mom makes when scolding her kids
Teacher: Where's your piece of poetry, Jonathan?
Your nose will be red
Your eye will be blue
A cockroach you'll be as dead
When I beat you
by xercmercus July 6, 2019
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