The word you accidentally google when you want to go to pornhub, but forgot you recently cleared your browser history so it doesn't autocomplete the link...
Dude, I went to go on pornhub last night, but I forgot I cleared my browser history so I accidentally just typed in "po" and ended up watching Kung Fu Panda instead.
by FGArray April 21, 2019
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Underground Alternative hip-hop artist from Minneapolis, Minnesota. He's on Doomtree and Rhymesayers. He was originally a punk rock artist, and didn't like rap, however he realized it's an alternative form of expression.

P.O.S can stand for many things, such as Piece of Shit, Product of Society, Pissed off Stef, Promise of Skill, and Promise of Stress. He says it stands for whatever fits the song.

As of June 2010, he has three albums: Ipecac Neat, Audition, and Never Better
Mercedes: "Who's the amazing man rapping this song, who's the amazing bassist, and who's the fucking awesome drummer?"
Jack: "That's P.O.S."
Mercedes: "Who's P.O.S?"
Jack: "A rapper coming from of the Great State of Minnesota."
by WhosHos June 22, 2010
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police officer
see also:cops, pigs, fuzz, popo, 5-0, bacon, pork
"Run!!! It's the po!"
by Lila December 30, 2003
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