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A pocket fart is when your fart inside of someones pocket so it ruins whatever is in the pocket and the victim can take it out whenever they want so they can smell it when they please.
Jack gave me a pocket fart and now my phone smells like garry busey doing squats
by Squidemeyer April 14, 2015
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A fart that is almost out of your ass but is stuck right at your asshole. Best taken care of by pulling your glutes in opposite direction.
Dammit! This uncomfortable feeling in my butt must be a pocket fart.
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by FuckedUpDrummer March 08, 2018
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Random text characters transmitted to a cell phone contact when phone keys in a cell phone in the pocket get accidetly pressed. Similar to pocket dialing ("your pocked dialed me")
Dude, that was a weird text you sent me, or was it just a pocket fart...
by Cranky Joe January 14, 2011
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Where you pocket is very open
John barry- wait man your pocketfarted

Johnny baker - oh yeah almost lost my phone then
by LuxuryWords May 16, 2018
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