A girl who is quite small, she is over 7" smaller than the guy
Damn, that girl is pocket size. She is so small, you could pick her up and put her in your pocket
by Big Bird is Daffy October 18, 2009
A small and/or short female.
Dude, look at the little short girl Addie, she's so like.... pocket sized.
by asdfghghflqwfsxcbv August 29, 2010
Pocket Sized Porn is Porn played on your pocket sized or mobile device (iPhone, iPod, Zune, iTouch, ect). Porn is sent to your device by web site download or played on your web enabled device.
The web site Pocket Sized Porn offers mobile users both formats. Users can log on to the website PocketSizedPorn from an iPhone and play porn on the iPhone without downloading, or they can connect an iPod to the PC and download from the PC version of the website.
n. Lesbian you just want to stick in your pocket.
Wow Stace, Did you see the majority were pocket sized Lesbians..

She was so cute I just wanted to stick her in my pocket and take her home.
by nixipixi January 27, 2011
A pocket-sized cock tease, also referred to as a PSCT, refers to the younger counterpart of a relationship involving an older male and a younger female. The PSCT is very small, no more than 5' 3", and has the tendency to look like a rodent. Because they reside in your friend's pants, they believe that makes them your friend. They are wrong.
"Did you see the way Megan was sexing him up?"
"God, she's such a pocket-sized cock tease."
by Jonathan Swift March 11, 2008
A pocket gay that you pull outta pocket when u need ur dick sucked or a hole to drop ur load in. Then send him back to his cubby under the stairs till he’s needed again.
“What happened to that cutie I saw you with last night? “. “You mean my pocket size stow away gay? He got mouthy with me so I sent back to his broom closet”.
by PiedPiperSoFla May 30, 2018