Money that you spend on anything. Balling out money, money you spend on anything not worrying bout what nothing els.
" don't buy them shoes you, you got bills to pay"

" Chill it's pocket change, I'll make it right back"
by 410_Marty August 11, 2017
amounts of marijuana stashed in pockets used in reference to money
I got quarters, dimes, and nics of this sticky icky pocket change
by Christopher Ericccc July 17, 2008
When your boss makes 6 figures But gives you a hand full of coins to pay for their lunch
by Sheep1081 January 13, 2016
A person so good looking, they are more than a dime.
Joe was a solid 7, but somehow managed to get a straight up pocket full of change to go out with him.
by Rhundy September 1, 2020