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Debater slang for Public Forum Debate, one of the styles of debate practiced in the National Forensics League competitions.
Dude, Jake and I killed those two freshman girls in Pofo with our killer argument about the United States Immigration policy!
by emekablue November 20, 2009
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Is a town south of chicago, that is very promanet with gang violence. To the residence it is called PoFo, because we all speak Ebonics and cant prenouce our "R's".
Guy 1: Hey man last week I was fucking got this good ass shit in Park Forest, over by Sterks.

Guy 2: Where the fuck is Park Forest?

Guy 1: What you mean where is it, you baby's momma lives there!

Guy 2: You should have said PoFo, you dumb bitch.
Aint no one call it Park Forest no more.
by EK3 January 06, 2007
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pofo a very gross and slimy boy that has an obession with someone who wants nothing to do with him.
Cori: "God, Pofo will not leave me alone. I seriously want to die."
by cori*c April 07, 2009
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A variation of mofo; pofos stands for pee on feeto's. Basically someone who is into feet and peeing on them.
Keep your feet away from Mike girls, he is into pofos.
by ihavedirt April 15, 2008
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Acronym for "Piss Off and Fuck Off". Used in a similar fashion of dismissal as the other internet acronym STFU "Shut The Fuck Up".
"POFO asshole, I'm fucking busy"
by Ceifer October 01, 2005
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a "patricia fucker"
one who enjoys fucking a patricia
::see cyfo::
cynthia is such a pofo! her and patricia hook up like everyday man!!
by crying giraffe October 27, 2004
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