Pre-mature ejaculation. When a guy shoots his load within 1 or 2 seconds of intercourse or sometimes while putting on his condom.
Girl #1: Andre with the 14 inch dick was getting ready to be all up in me and then BAM!.....p.m.e. city, geeerl.

Girl #2: No shizzle LaQueefah?

Girl #1: Mmm hmm.

Girl #2: Daaaamn!
by Jethro X December 06, 2005
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Stands for "Private-message me", which means, send me a private message.
Most useful at mIRC and MMO chats.
Example 1: looking for pcw css 5vs5 server on pme
Example 2: selling 3 diamonds pme
by Blue` May 18, 2009
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Posted Mad Emotionless; Its when your sitting or hanging out in one spot with no emotions at all; When your doing nothing but sitting without emotions because you simply dont care or you care too much
Yo I'm PME right now and dont feel like doing anything, so im gonna go home
by Todd Chairsman December 24, 2010
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PME Stands for Porch Monkey Expressway. Often when someone drives recklessly like a Porch Monkey.
Sorry bro i had to drive on the PME to get here.

Dude where gonna be late take the PME!!!

by XboxLax April 01, 2009
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